SEW-cial - Bernina Club Lifestyles

We will be offering 5 classes on how to use 5 different feet, such as the Ruffler Foot, and the Zipper Foot. 

There are two options for how to become a part of the club! The first option is purchasing our card for 5 Foot of the Month Club Classes priced at $50.00 ($10.00/class). This way, you've already paid for 5 classes, at a discount of $5.00 a class. The second option, is to sign up for whatever class you want to take, and just take them individually at $15.00 a class. We also accept drop-ins, provided there is room in the class!

From 5:30pm-6:00pm there is a period for coffee & show and tell. Bring a project that you made with the skills learned from the previous class, or just something you're proud of and want to show off! And then from 6:00pm-7:00pm you'll watch an instructional video on whatever foot that class is focusing on. You also get 15% off of your entire purchase, if you choose to buy anything on the night of the class!

November 12:

January 14:

March 10:

May 12:

July 14:
Cost: $ 15.00